Tuesday, April 03, 2007

April Appropos 2: Spring Showers Almost Poem

April showers bring a metaphysical reflection in each raindrop of their downfall.

Like the loss of paradise.

Originality of sin is not some primitive event.

It happens every day.

The way we look at things as concepts separate from their essence.

A rose is never just a rose.

The rain is never just the rain.

It’s redolent with every thought passed down to us by word of mouth.

We are living in a dream of popular abstraction.

Reality is what we lost in Eden.

That’s bad enough, but we've gained is that far worse.

For we believe.

In the insufficiency of weather, in the lordliness of skies.

When all around and innermost…

rains life.



Dave said...

I like this, but I'm having difficulty with the grammer of the line "That’s bad enough, but we gained is that far worse." (A typo, perhaps?)

Greg said...

Thanks Dave; no typo I think, just bad grammar paying me another visit.