Friday, September 28, 2007

Waiting for the Trial 2: Wheelbarrow of Dreams

Of course, most don't actually see it that way. Neither do I, most of time, although I'm practicing. As if our daily actions and mutual interactions mean a single thing in the larger scope of the non-adjectival universe! From my point of view, they wouldn't, if seen from without this daily domesticated world we live in. Although they actually do within that infinite world of waiting.

I need to explain, although it's inexplicable. Our lives are figments of our individual and collective imaginations. They are in essence dreams. Our intuitive dreams at night are what we do while waiting to awake. Our oblivious dreams during the day are what we do while waiting to die. They take our minds off the inevitable and fill them with fabricated pre-occupations. Unless we re-awake to our infinity.

so much depends upon a reading
of the news, the infinite
becomes another broken link

to be continued

~Son Rivers 2007

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