Thursday, October 25, 2007

1: Don Miguel Ruiz and ‘The Voice of Knowledge’

It's my intent for the next several days to blog about the book, ‘The Voice of Knowledge’, by Don Miguel Ruiz. Over the past year, it's become something equivalent to a Bible for me, although with some very important caveats.

First, it's crucial to understand that Don Miguel is creating a story and not a belief system. In fact, that's central to the truth presented in his book. The minute one begins translating experience or spirit or truth, into words, one is distorting its essence, and presenting that reality from a point of view. Thus, this is one of his stories. And I’m sticking to it.

Second, Don Miguel is coming from the Meso-American Toltec tradition and telling its story through the lens of western and eastern cultures. Let's call it Toltizian. In that way, his book is somewhat a simplistic synthesis of science, psychology, religion, and metaphysics. But that is its genius from my point of view.

Third, just as the truth from any wisdom tradition is truly revolutionary when practiced and put into action, Don Miguel's is also. ‘The Voice of Knowledge’ is not a typical New Age self-help book, but something radical in its message and truly transformational in its intent. If you practice it, something completely different will come.

I'm just beginning to see it. And that is one of the points of this exercise. To let it get closer.

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Loren said...

I can't imagine any other reason to review a book on a blog.

Knowing that someone else might actually read what I've written always makes me think just a little harder than I might otherwise have done.