Wednesday, November 14, 2007

10. The Catch-22 of Faith and the Mastery of Intent

Chapter 8. It's now time to separate our common sense from superstition, mythologies, and false belief. All the wisdom traditions begin in the same manner: a master realizes Truth and creates a story to pass it on to others, from his point of view. Those who are not masters begin to change that story, creating false mythology and superstition. This is why one should not believe in others. We are our own gurus. In this direction, faith is the ultimate individual key to bringing oneself back to common sense.

The Toltecs call this power of faith Intent. It directs our word, and that word creates our virtual reality. Faith is what binds together our agreements about who we are. That creation is what the Toltecs call the human form. You call yourself a human being, and that's who you are. Because of faith. Like bricks, agreements and concepts and opinions and beliefs create the human form. And faith is the mortar that holds it all together.

But our faith is invested in the lies of knowledge. And although we may understand what the truth is, our faith is invested in these lies at a deeper level. But the truth will set you free. And this is our own catch-22: how do we recover our faith, and invest it in the truth, when it's completely invested in the lies of our virtual reality?

One way is through ritual and prayer. Through ritual, we gather together and acquire faith from the collective. Through prayer, we bypass the world of knowledge and tap into the spirit of the universal. In nature we gather faith from the universe as well. In these ways, we can recover our faith and reinvest it in the truth. Then you can reclaim your life from the superstition of who you believe you are. And return to common sense.

8th truth (3rd healing): pray, perform rituals, commune with nature, to recover faith invested in lies, and return towards truth.

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