Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Tao of Duality Poem

The Tao of Word 1

Tonight, which is the opposite of day,
I wish to think about duality,
while typing letters which create these words
in Word, a Microsoft word processor.

This personal computer is a perfect
metaphor for that, now come to think
about it. Everything within its world
becomes a binary determination.

Mind is that as well. Except its speed
exceeds ten thousand Buddhas times a Mega
Hertz that’s measured in a God knows what.
In other words, it’s really wicked fast.

But still, despite the engine underneath
the hood, the neighborhood is black and white.
There’s not a thought that’s not a mathematical
equation from a string of ones and zeroes.

But reality is not that way.

~Feugill Poirier 2007

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