Wednesday, February 27, 2008

U02-03 - MoL-8 - Spark of Consciousness
Henry David Thoreau in the Boiler Room

But, the Human Being, if it has not completely sold itself to the world of form, still retains the spark of true consciousness (known to some as the soul) within its essence awaiting some breath of wisdom to flame its re-awakening.

If we are consciousness become matter and in essence lost in that form, it still holds true that this consciousness, this spirit, remains within us, as a spark. In fact that spark, that small flame, is kept lit in ways we may be unaware. Ways that access presence. There are many of them, but three that have done it for me are my daughter, writing poetry, and hiking (nature and nature-writing as well, Mr. Thoreau). These things circumvent the ego and touch our essence, keeping that spark alive.

On the other hand, I would imagine that there are those who get lost in the world of the ego (don't we all), maybe in the world of business and money (been there and done that) or some other such world of seeming power (losing all touch with that little spark of true power), and allow that spark to fade away almost to nothing (you can see it in their heavy faces). But I would like to believe that the spark, no matter how dim it may become, still resides somewhere inside, waiting for some dawning.

Waiting for that breath of wisdom or the wind of revelation (or the wearing wind erosion of the ego by years of suffering).

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