Friday, February 29, 2008

U02-05: Meaning of Life-10; Love and Heaven
aka now

Upon this awakening, a singular Human Being no longer separate from true reality, will see itself in union with all Humanity as well, will now be the Love that is such a recognition of its oneness with humanity, the earth, the universe in all its grand unknowable essence, as to recreate its external dreaming in a willful and loving transformation utilizing all its unique skills and abilities, in order to transmit to others with its life, thought, and experience, that is, to breathe upon their spark of consciousness, and in so doing flame awakening, creating a bright light of consciousness, and a new evolutionary state of being.

Call it heaven, nirvana, paradise, or whatever. Call it utopian or inevitable. Call it do or die.

Every other thing we do unconnected to this evolution of our being is just a game. Only life and love and this singular awareness is the truth, is our meaning, is the road that everyone is traveling here together.

Nothing in the game is wrong. But nothing in the game is truth. In fact quite a bit of it is false and mad and drives half, if not all, the people in it crazy wondering how life could be that way.

But life isn't that way. The game is.

The matter is our meta-paradigm. We've been told that matter only matters. That matter in some fashion became conscious. WRONG!

Consciousness matters. Consciousness became matter. But consciousness is, for the time being, lost in that matter. Now is the time to understand this matter.

That the universe is consciousness (aka spirit aka God), and we are consciousness become matter (aka body, aka mind, aka ego), and that, in truth, through awakening and reunion (aka wisdom, aka love), we become consciousness conscious of itself (aka heaven). That's all now.

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