Saturday, February 16, 2008

Unbelievable 01:14 - MoL-2 Evolution
Peter Russell & the Amazing Technicolor Dream Amp

On Earth (and possibly elsewhere) the evolution of matter is always moving towards the amplification of its consciousness, its divine spirit.

Evolution is not just survival of the fittest. It's a creative movement towards higher levels of consciousness. It's the song of the cosmos. The smallest particle is alive with the intelligence of spirit. Just as your body can breathe and circulate its blood without help from your mind because of its innate intelligence and spirit, everything in the universe possesses some similar intelligence and spirit.

The Plains Indians as well as other Native Americans know this. The ancient tradition of Shintoism in Japan knows this. The sacred wisdom traditions on earth know this. Walt Whitman in 1855 knew this. Your and my heart know this now. Only scientific materialism doesn't. Although it's learning.

Peter Russell calls such evolution amplification of consciousness. Maybe this song is being played on other worlds in distant galaxies as well. Maybe there's a pattern in this movement in infinity. Some rising wave, then in-turning curl of distortion and crash before the clear and wonderful wash to shore.

Returning to our cartoon icon, Nigel Tufnel, maybe we are only tens on that Amazing Technicolor Dream Amp. And maybe such an evolution requires some distortion before it hits that highest note. Maybe a rock is set at one, Pat Boone. A single cell is crooning two. Some worm is turning folksy tambourines at three. By the time we're listening to vegetation or some tree, we're at a mellow five or steady six or gently rising seven. The wind called Mary begins to blow across the leaves.

Maybe animated life turned up to eight or nine becomes a strident survival of the fittest, a battle of the bands. Maybe those evolved with the amplification of thought, cranked all the way up to ten, will lose themselves in that world for a time in purple haze! Maybe our ultimate goal is to find that clear and ringing all-important one enhanced than ten, eleven, clear amazing grace. Maybe we'll discuss that in our further points.


Two Dishes said...

A biologist would note that evolution has no inherent bias towards improvement of anything, merely change to avoid dying. There's even a named law (whose name escapes me) that the sizes of a newly appearing species will later speciate into larger versions and smaller versions in equal liklihood. So social systems for example, if they follow similar principles, should become more degenerate and more elevated as time goes on. The 20th Century should set new high water and low water marks for ethics.

I'm not trying to be a downer. I like Grapez and like the Thoreau Blog!

Actually, the HDT blog led me back to Grapez, which I haden't visited in awhile as I lost my bookmarks several times in the last few years...

Greg said...

Thanks for the comment. And don't worry; it's not a downer. But a biologist would probably note that matter is the prime element in the universe and consciousness a development therein. I'm allowing for the opposite. Furthermore, I'm allowing for an intelligence residing in matter itself. And that evolution therefore is in some ways an active movement of that intelligence. And yes, it could in one way be an attempt to avoid dying, but then in another an attempt to amplify consciousness. Otherwise why all the complexity when a single cell would have been sufficient.