Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Spirit of Spring Journal 1
waiting for the consciousness of spring

1. 3/19/08 The Last Full Day of Winter

Let's get poetic for a minute. There was a slight spray of snow on the grass this morning and a few flakes were flying in a slight breeze. Clouds dimmed the very last day of astronomical winter. The river sat at low slack tide like a long curving mirror, reflecting the other shore in perfect detail. In a way it mirrored the coming equinox itself.

Although one could make a more factual argument that it mirrored a solstice, that would only be an analogy based on hard fact. The real sense of the metaphor resides in the knowing that life returns with spring. On this day, things appear at their lowest ebb. The last snowflake (although more are factually sure to come), the lowest tide. Our greatest hope springs eternal. And life returns! Amen.

But what is life? I saw a car with a bumper sticker later this morning. Like that Christian symbol of a fish, but with little legs, and the word Darwin highlighted in its body. I know it’s supposed to be some witty comeback at Creationism (although the symbol of the fish has nothing to do with that theory). But, in essence, that's just replacing one belief with another. And a belief, that in my opinion, misses the point.

All beliefs ultimately are human-made creations, and have no real connection with the Truth. At best, they can be a pointer. Darwinian evolution is fine, as theories go, but it kind of leaves out the rest of the universe. So I'll point to evolution as the universal amplification of consciousness, in order to fill in the blanks.

Life, therefore, is consciousness become matter (to our eyes, although it's all energy and waves and particles in the eyes of the universe). So what will spring be? Consciousness re-amplified!

And when I think of it in that way, it reminds me of all the birds I'm hearing in the morning now. The sounds of consciousness. Turn it up!

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