Monday, March 03, 2008

U02-07: An Abridged Meaning of Life
a theological cosmology and psychology in a single paragraph

In the beginning, consciousness (spirit) became matter. The evolution of matter is always moving towards the amplification of its consciousness. The Human Being has evolved to a relatively high level of consciousness complete with thought. Thought results in a separate virtual reality of knowledge in which the Human Being's evolution of consciousness is detoured. Because of this detour, the Human Being dwells in a dream of its own creation. Therefore the Human Being has developed a false virtual self called the ego required to acquire its identity in both external forms and internals forms such as belief. Acquisition of identity through form is ultimately futile, becoming an unremitting cycle of suffering. But, the Human Being still retains the spark of true consciousness within its essence awaiting some breath of wisdom to flame its re-awakening. That breath may arrive at any time, in any guise, to once again continue the evolution of consciousness. Upon this awakening, a singular Human Being will now be the Love that is such a recognition of its oneness with humanity, the earth, the universe, in order to transmit to others awakening, creating a new evolutionary being. In so doing, it is key to remember, that such an external dreaming is always susceptible to reversion into some form of the old dream, and the possible extinction of this particular evolution.

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