Thursday, April 24, 2008

Satori on Frenchman Bay
A Poem Under the Influence of Acadia

As We Sit by the Balcony in our Room at the Bar Harbor Inn Drinking French Rhone Wine, Five Extraordinary Birds Fly By No More than Thirty Feet Away, While in the Background on TV, Pope Benedict XVI Says Mass at Yankee Stadium

Sun is playing on the surface.
Wind is singing up the waves.
Sea gulls have established sky
religion; they're like bishops dressed
in sea foam gray. And three of them
accompany the Pope, an eagle
wearing mystic feathered vestments.
Behind them trails a single crow,
the mayor of the wide surrounding
countryside. Blessings they
are spreading. Wine I am partaking.
Our communion of this holy
ocean congregation sparkles
to an overwhelming view.
Much larger than a stream of higher
consciousness, this bay is big
enough to occupy the island
of my Self and deep enough
to reach some universal truth.

~Son Rivers 2008

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