Sunday, June 01, 2008

The Simple Questions of Hridaya Nada: 1
After Jed McKenna

Question One

I know the awareness and I am That.

But I know that I have been,
and the world still is,
a story.

I even have an inkling
as to the story’s beginning,
although that too is just a story.

And I know that this question
arises from the story:
if I don’t have a story,
then what is my story?
Because the answer is, of course,
no story.

But there is this simple fact,
we are still living in the midst of a larger story.
So the question is just this:
how does one live in a story
without living a story?

Jesus said it two thousand years ago:
to be in the world but not of the world.
In the story but not of the story.

To play a character in the story,
but not believing you are that character.
For you are consciousness, the one.

The only question then remains:
what character will consciousness play today?
Since the nature of the one is love,
Consciousness will be that love today in play.

~Hridaya Nada 2008

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