Monday, October 27, 2008

After Awakening, Then What
Dropping a Paradigm - Greatest Hits - Volume 2

Since I've begun blogging non-poetry at Dropping a Paradigm, and not posting anything here lately, until I do again, I'll post one post a week here from Paradigm.

Miguel Ruiz calls it the Dream of the Second Attention. You write your new story with love.

Eckhart Tolle calls it Awakened Doing. Consciousness flows through you and into this world in three modalities: Acceptance, Enjoyment, Enthusiasm.

Adyashanti speaks of a New Way of Being, resting in awareness, experiencing the ordinary as extraordinary, more like love than anything else, for no reason or purpose, knowing the story isn’t true.

Robert Adams says that the universe is a manifestation of your mind. And in that realization you become Self, which includes everything you need. The trees do not lack for leaves.

Jesus simply said to consider the lilies of the field. Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring worries of its own. Today is enough for today.

Buddha held up a golden lotus flower silently before his listeners.

So I’m blogging.


Anonymous said...


awake now so
starting feels good
puckered for kisses, as
you may end later, still
lasting, tiny time machines in
you may feel that many clouds
are in the sky, yes you may,
you certainly may have
a hell of a body, then vanish.
under the silence,
clouds talk in the strands
of your hair, before the night
comes, all the days in
youth feeling and older,
you will, then you wont
have it, it is this
way on and off you'll
go, not recalling
a thing, popping lathered
up in a criminals
pants or conning
a ski resort
victim, seems not
connected.. hmmm?
not even another waking up
or down in your body's path
can change what looks
permanent to what isn't
though fragrant claims
are flowering
on your tongue.

2008 Sokuzan Robert Brown



Anonymous said...

nice dude!