Friday, March 13, 2009

B4: I just have three words for you

It seems like there was some kind of synchronicity going on with the Basho frog poem recently, translating it with one word per line.

From the aforementioned tobikomu – 365 days of overdoing Bashō:

And from the newcomer, Cultural Criticism From The Grocery Department:

Since the first two lines are the same, the difference resides in the 'slurp' and the 'whatever.' Both of course miss by a Hosomichi mile. But that’s neither here nor there nor now.

With ‘slurp’ I see the frog lapping up the pond with his killer tongue. On the other hand, maybe I’m seeing the pond swallow the frog. Else, maybe it’s Basho that’s been swallowed.

With ‘whatever,’ we have the birth of cool. The pond is chilly. The frog is hip. Both are lost in the existential yawning of the universe.

Here and now, I feel tempted to offer my own alternative. But of course, I’ve done these two one better already:

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