Thursday, July 15, 2004

Chasing After Some Finer Day

For the next ten days, this blog will concern itself with all things Outer Banks; by Saturday my daughter and I will be in Nags Head, NC. Until then I’m blogging anticipation. So in the spirit of David Letterman and avant garde poetry, here’s my poem:

The Top Ten Reasons this New Englander Loves the Outer Banks

10. Life-size waves and eighty-degree-plus ocean water rules!
9 The surprise of a dolphin drive-by.
8. Sunsets over Silver Lake from Jolly Rogers on Ocracoke Island while drinking a margarita or two.
7. The yipes stripes of Hatteras Light.
6. Sam and Omies or The Froggy Dog and their buttered biscuits for breakfast.
5. The sun-filled watch of Hatteras Time.
4. Soaring on the colossal sand dunes of Jockey Ridge between the sea and sound.
3. Sea oats bending in the breeze alongside the lines of almost endless beaches.
2. The drive-thru beer stores.
1. And pelicans, pelicans, pelicans!!!

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