Friday, July 16, 2004

Jimmy Buffet, Kenny Chesney, and Me

8. Sunsets over Silver Lake from Jolly Rogers on Ocracoke Island while drinking a margarita or two.
Emmy reminds me that they don't serve hard liquor in Ocracoke (Hyde County, NC) and therefore it wasn't margaritas that I was drinking at Jolly Rogers. Interesting how the mind works. Well of course sunsets on the ocean mean margaritas and wasn't that Jimmy Buffet at the next table? Well the closest I ever got to Jimmy Buffet was at a restaurant in Charleston SC which had a little plaque on our table saying Jimmy Buffet sat there once. And the closest I ever got to a margarita at Jolly Rogers was a draft beer. I'd claim poetic license but I wasn't even driving on all four cylinders. Anyways, tomorrow we start our excursion towards OBX, and will be somewhere on the Delmarva peninsula tomorrow night (I can't do those fifteen hour one-day drives anymore). And don't you just love that bastardized name of three states rolled into one? Maybe I'll write an Ode to Delmarva tomorrow night. Maybe not. But we'll be listening to the new summer 2004 CD Emmy burned this afternoon. Rock Lobster, War, and that Kenny Chesney was just made for a Carolina summer vacation.

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