Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Poem of Rare Words

I found this neat little site, Wordcount, via cheek that "presents the 86,800 most frequently used English words, ranked in order of commonality." So I wrote what I guess is some kind of langpo poem just listing the 41 least used words in descending order in 14 lines:

Infrequent Word Count Mantra
pietrasanta protoges
mazurkas visystems nickerson
umtata changi djilas
domnall bilges edulis
carob maji superette
behead upf stupendously
arara pandanus chudleigh
mymouse tarrow sibomana
chalkis allocatively
criers moyne historiarum
inro blick tella
savills homemakers golgotha
lauro multilingualism
tangency carniola
workless recrossed conquistador


Mark Lamoureux said...

It would be interesting to take it and try and turn it into something with some sort of syntactical/grammatical structure. Those are some great words.

I'm surprised about Golgotha, given it's religious context; one would think post Mel Gibson and crucifixion-mania that it would come up more frequently...

Though I suppose these are the bottom tier of the 86,000 "most frequently used English words."

The site is really cool...

aum dada said...

I thought the same thing but then I thought I'd have to look up half of them for meaning. So I went with the mantra instead. But isn't it a great site?

Mark Lamoureux said...

Yes, the interface is really nifty. Strikes me as sort of Huthian (ala Geof Huth) entity with the words all strung together and highlighted like that.

It would indeed be quite a project to look up all of those words, though it is something that would likely amuse me for a bunch of hours. Not, however, a project to be done during "working" hours! Especially since I doubt many of them can be found in www.dictionary.com; if only the OED online were not so friggin' expensive--quickly surpassing the price of the physcial volume itself after a couple of months!...

aum dada said...

Yeah, stringing the words together creates this long run-on sentence that would take a lifetime to diagram, never mind understand. And I like that.

jose said...

Thanks, Greg, for the link.

I found it interesting that the most popular word used mainly as a noun (I didn't count "one" or "two") is "time," which ranks #66.