Saturday, September 04, 2004

An Awesome Theory of Poetics Dude

Jonathan Mayhew: “I am not that interested in the idea of an afterlife, or in establishing the nature of what it is that I am in awe of. I am also deeply skeptical that we, anyone, can put everything together in a coherent way. Since anyone can feel a sense of awe at creation, everyone can be equally religious.”

I too am not all that interested in an afterlife. Since it is impossible to know in a rational manner, and really only knowable through some act of faith. But I am very much interested in re-capturing that true sense of awe, and believe that such an objective is the only real business we have here in the first place.

Scientific inquiry is a nice curiosity and the social contract and its rules and bylaws can be a wonderful game to play. But other than our basic needs surrounding family life, finding awe is it.

And awe is such an easy word to throw around. Yet its true sense gets dulled over the years, until all that’s left is the dry meaning of the word. Dude, that’s awesome—not really. Left behind is the actual experience. If we truly felt a sense of awe worthy of creation, we’d lose control of our bodily functions. Shit! indeed.

So, no: everyone does not feel that sense of awe. Like anything, you have to really work at it. And sometimes poetry can be the result.


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Dave said...

Dude, I am totally down with this.