Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Relaxing My Dred

We’ve been away: Columbus Day weekend in Boothbay Harbor, Maine and I’d like to give a plug to the magnificent Blue Heron Seaside Inn. Our room there was the one called Harbor Lights, a nautical-themed aerie on the third floor with a deck overlooking the lower harbor. Relaxing isn’t quite the right word for it, but I’m just too relaxed right now to think of a better one.

Still I want to follow up on my post of Saturday concerning the debates, specifically Bush’s comment on the Dred Scott decision. I was left flabbergasted at what I bvelieved to be a non-sequitor. But it appears, the President has had the last laugh on me, and others who were amazed at this reference. It appears for those involved in the anti-choice campaigns, Dred Scott is a well known reference. Daily Kos quotes several anti-choice sites and their references to that decision. Here’s one that spells it out:
In the Dred Scott Supreme Court, 7 to 2 decision, it was determined that blacks were not persons, they were the property of their owner, who could choose to sell or kill, that abolitionists should not impose morality on the slaveowner, slavery is legal. In the Roe v Wade, 7 to 2 decision, it was determined that the unborn are not persons, they are the property of their owners (the mother), their owner could choose to keep or kill, that the anti-abortionist should not impose their morality on the mother, abortion is legal.
Ah that Karl.

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