Saturday, October 09, 2004

Thirteen Debate Questions For W

If I could have asked President Bush some questions tonight:
Why are you yelling?
How many internets are there exactly?
Why are you yelling at Mr. Gibson?
Why are those headlights in your eyes?
Why did you lie about the timber company?
Offroad diesel engine?
Why do you lie about Iraq?
Why do you laugh at your own dumb lame jokes?
Why do you lie?
Dred Scott? What the f?
What world other than reality are you living in?
What voices are you listening to now?
What do you expect to do when you return to private life in 2005?
Thank you.


Michael A. Wells said...

Wow - you pretty well captured most of them. You know, I think he's actually starting to believe himself. Scary.

Unknown said...

you missed the one we laughed at the most...when kerry would say something the bush admin agrees with, his response was, and I paraphrase:

what he said is what we are doing.

i had forgotten about the off-road deisel engine thing because of his claim that he suggested the hydrogen car.

Michael A. Wells said...

My 16 year old daughter was watching with me. She turned to me and said, "Internets?" We laughed together figuring he simply could not let Al Gore be one up one him.