Monday, March 07, 2005

Eugene Scheifflin Did It

Some birdfeeder business.
All of the European Starlings found today in North America-and they number in the 200 million range-are descendants of approximately 100 birds introduced in New York City's Central Park in the early 1890s. A society dedicated to introducing into America all of the birds mentioned in the works of Shakespeare set these birds free.

And now they’re invading my birdfeeder.
He said he would not ransom Mortimer;
Forbade my tongue to speak of Mortimer;
But I will find him when he lies asleep,
And in his ear I'll holla Mortimer!
I'll have a starling shall be taught to speak
Nothing but Mortimer, and give it him,
To keep his anger still in motion.

I listen and hear the starlings speaking of Mortimer and so keeping the chickadees and cardinals in motion. And I’m getting somewhat angry.
Why, look you, I am whipp'd and scourged with rods,
Nettled, and stung with pismires, when I hear
Of this vile politician

The game's a-foot.


Tony.T said...

On more important things, Greg.

You are closer to the coalface that, I. How are those Sox shaping up this season?

Greg said...

Tony, hope always springs eternal in Sox nation, but this spring even moreso. The pitching staff is a big IF, but its potential is awesome. If Schiliing heals, and so far so good. If Wells has another year in him and there's no reason other than weight and age and a bad back. If Clement gets run support he could be huge. If Miller is healthy by mid-summer, he turns into a mid-year acquisition and could be enormous down the stretch.

The lineup is almost the same as last years. Renteria is a great addition. Tek is back. And the bench looks, if anything, stronger.

Repeat? Hey, I'm still replaying the last one.