Thursday, March 31, 2005

Robert Creeley 1926-2005

From NPR: "Massachusetts-born poet Robert Creeley died Wednesday in Odessa, Texas."
Jack’s Blues

I’m going to roll up
a monkey and smoke it, put
an elephant in the pot. I’m going out
and never come back.

What’s better than that.
Lying on your back, flat
on your back with your
eyes to the view.

Oh the view is blue, I saw that
too, yesterday and you,
red eyes and blue,

I’m going to roll up
a rug and smoke it, put
the car in the garage and I’m
gone, like a sad old candle.

-Robert Creeley


tif said...

thank you for posting that poem.

have you HEARD springsteens new song?!? :)

Greg said...

just a 30 second preview