Monday, April 04, 2005

The Big Unit Comes Up Large

Opening Day games mean practically nothing. Just one game in a 162 game schedule. But some observations from Sunday night's game.

Randy Johnson is scary in a Yankees uniform. Jeter, if anything, looks better than ever, and more determined. His stolen base later in the game meant little, except how focused he can be. Jason Giambi might be back. Even Steinbrenner looked confident.

On the other hand the Sox played sloppy in the field, and looked lethargic at the plate. Although that was probably more Randy Johnson than anything else. David Wells looked feeble, if that's at all possible, blowing on his hands at every moment. But maybe we chock this one up to April weather.

Two hundred milion dollars can do quite a lot. Just one game. But I didn't like the looks of things at all. Wait 'til last year?


Jennifer said...

(sniff) I miss Randy Johnson. Speaking as a Mariners fan. But I'm glad he's done so well elsewhere.

Greg said...

Jennifer, How I wish he was still in Seattle too. With the Yankees, this guy might win 30!