Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Confessions on the Waterfront

Mon AM Newburyport Waterfront

What a difference a day makes. After yesterday’s sunshine and temperatures in the seventies, a north wind is driving steady. And here that means right over the river, unimpeded and Atlantic tidal water cold, which by the way is now rushing out to sea, as if it was draining the land not only of its tidal surge but any earthly warmth as well. Still, the sun is bright and welcoming, our benefactor, The Lord of the Spring. It’s deserving of our worship. It won’t be long until that seasonal Sabbath is upon us and the congregation gathers at the beaches. For now though we’re just content to offer our confession. There were times O Lord when you were so low in the sky and the snows were falling almost every day and arctic cold was turning this neighborhood intemperate that we doubted your return and entertained wicked thoughts of moving south somewhere and worshipping the idle. April always makes me glad I didn’t. I sit for a spell on a bench, drink my Gatorade, and say my penance to the sky.

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