Monday, April 11, 2005

A Weekend of Walks

Fri PM Plum Island Marsh and Dunes Trail

Now this is silence. From the marsh, all I can hear are the red-wings, the wind through golden reeds, a stray voice from somewhere, the muffled steady roar of the ocean in the distance, and maybe an occasional airplane not necessarily objectionable. It has an aura of loneliness to it when heard in the midst of all this marsh. And now there’s a train whistle, certainly a lonesome sound. And a jet in its rumble going faster than sound itself, less a sound than an anti-sound, emphasizing the silence.

Sat Afternoon Boston

Beverly and I walked through the Common and met my daughter for lunch at the Beacon St. entrance. Walked to Quincy Market. After lunch, my daughter parted our company and Beverly and I walked to Rowes Wharf, and then Fan Pier, where we looked at the buildings around the Harbor. The Custom House, once the tallest building is now dwarfed by the buildings around it. The landscape of the city is its architecture, and this mountainside is growing taller, like a volcano. Its magma is money. When will the Financial District finally explode?

Sun AM Maudslay State Park

I see my first bluebird ever in my life! What a vision: this small shockingly blue bird flying past me into the pale blue sky. I see other spring firsts as well. As I walk I hear something in the leaves, look behind me and see a snake gliding by. A beetle lands on my shirt. Then, a butterfly circles around my head. And on the way back, I see the first hiker talking on a cell phone. Such is the local company I keep as I commune, without phone, with spring.

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