Friday, May 20, 2005

Graduation Poem

Sometimes it's good to write a sentimental poem (some would call it hallmarkish) for an occasion. Especially on this occasion. I'm posting this for the record. I gave it to her last night at the restaurant in the North End.
A Graduation Sonnet: For What It’s Worth
Written this 19-May-2005 on the occasion
of my daughter’s graduation (MA)
in which I tell her what I’ve found
out about the “real world” after 52
years and countless errors as she
begins her own uncharted journey there

We glide across the academic pond
like visitors on swan boats, magical
inviting vehicles that carry us
from one shore, green with youthful vibrancy,
to some unknown, yet undiscovered shore,
where time will tell us what the flora is.
There’s some who swear the native growth is gold
or silver, paper currency or plastic.
There’s some who think the world is just a fiction,
poetic creation filled with metaphor
and fog. There’s some religious, some profane;
there’s some who think that up is down or wrong
is right or something down is up above.
I think the world is blood and guts and love.


Suzanne said...
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Suzanne said...

Greg. Greg. Greg.

Do hormones and pregnancy brain make my horrible typo any better?

Maybe I was just stupified by the beauty?

Forgive me?

Beautiful, Greg.


chris said...


Indeed this is beautiful. I have to tell this: my mother died while I was completing my M.A. (initials for Ma!), and not to have her good word on graduation was hard. So glad to see that you give this fine poetic gift to your child. My deepest respect for this act of poetry, and congratulations to your daughter.

I'll just add one thing for Suzanne: hormones at pregnancy make everything work, and that is also wonderful. Bless you!--keep on.

Best Wishes,
Chris Murray

aum dada said...

Suzanne, thank you. And yes to your first question, but no to your second. And there is no need for any response to the third since there's nothing to forgive. May the force with be you and yours. (Guess what I saw this w/e)

aum dada said...

Chris, thank you. For sharing with me. And for your kind words. And I'll pass on your wishes to my daughter. Thanks again.

becky said...

I just stumbled across your blog... this is a beautiful poem. I just graduated a few weeks ago; this poem touched me, definitely. Your daughter's a lucky girl.

Hope you don't mind if I link your blog to my own.

Thanks for putting your work out there.

aum dada said...

Thanks Becky, and no, of course I don't mind. I'll reciprocate if you like.