Monday, May 23, 2005

Towards a Poetics of the Yoda Kind

Have you ever noticed how opinion in the arts is always stated as a goddamn fact? As if it’s some scientific truth. When, in fact, all scientific reality is only theory anyways. I’m beginning to believe there’s only truth and consequences. Or as Anthony Lane wrote in a review that I don’t completely agree with: “Break me a fucking give.” To be continued, I think.


Alan Sullivan said...

Your point?

It's my opinion that the deviser of Yoda is New Age fool, but I'm sure I could parse some incompetent lines of his script in reasonably objective terms.

aum dada said...

My point shall be revealed in time. New Age sprinkled with some Joseph Campbell, yes. But nevertheless an original pop character. Well, at least in Empire. In the later movies, he became a caricature of himself. Finally it's more fun for me to parse wise words in completely foolish ways. As I have done.

Anonymous said...

yeah, i'd say the point is that you should view those "opinions" stated as "facts" as conditional in the context. nothing in a poem, it think, is fact or exact, it is all opinion, if it is stated as fact, often aphoristically, it is in the context of the world of the poema and relates to the construction of the poem's world and can be taken as view of world outside of poem. i think of jabes in your statement. i don't think his statements stated as fact are an argument for a definition of the world but rather a veiw. i appreciate your comment,and i have much consider the same, but i concluded that whether i'm saying it or your saying it, it is only reactionary statement, it does not attempt to approach the reasoning of it.