Friday, May 27, 2005

Poet Wars: Episode 5: Return of a Poet

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, a Jedi Versifier started an autobiographical summary of his poetic education in a series of Star Wars take-offs beginning with the phrase “a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.” While doing so he realized that he was beginning the final daily entries in his blog for what would be some time. He was drained of entering daily posts and wanted to spend more time just writing, trying to synthesize all he had learnt the past eleven or so years into new work, with nothing else verbal to take his thoughts away. He wasn’t quitting the blog entirely. Instead he would write random posts as they came, maybe weekly at best (every 10 days, I don't know). But definitely not daily as he had pledged that February night in 2004 (and for the most part had done). Most likely he would post his poems there also. He got a kick how things like his Red Sox poems had been googled more than 1400 times, or his tsunami poem more than 800 times by regular just folk. If he had a poetic project it was to try and figure out how to write poems of some intellectual and rhythmic integrity for popular enjoyment. Google gave him some of that now (and he was feeling ambivalent towards poetry journals in general as well). He would try and figure out the rest in time. Finally, as the credits rolled, he wanted to thank his few regular readers. He wanted to thank all the bloggers out there that he read regularly and semi-regularly and had helped him on this daily blogger journey (and that he would continue to read), especially those on the blogroll on that right side of his galaxy. Rather than join the dark side, maybe he'd let the blog go dark more days than not. He’d be back blogging every week or so most likely (although he wouldn't doubt that he would be back next week [or not]), so he wasn’t exactly saying goodbye. Just a see you later and less often. And may the po-force be with you.

(episode 6 will be in progress for the coming days, weeks, months, years?)


Dave said...

Good luck with this new re-focusing of your energy, Greg. I know that if I stopped my daily (except for weekends) blogging, I'd soon fall out of the habit altogether. But I sense that you are a much more organized and deliberate writer than me, so maybe it will work. Here's hoping it yields a bumper crop of new poems and virtual (or real) chapbooks.

Anonymous said...

May the Verse be with you.

Suzanne said...

Metaphors be with you!

I'm keeping you to the 10 day promise though. ;-)