Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Just Another Bird Poem

Maybe I can't stay away from this blog thing after all. Son's latest:
Snowy Egret

There’s nothing I can tell you
about the snowy egret
in flight except the white
suggestion that I saw.

The sky was clear that day
although a subtle mist
drifted over the marsh;
the tide was coming in

and something about the cool
approach of water stirring
a warmer mass of air
resulted in rising vapor

(I can’t remember what
the technical expression
for this phenomenon is
but I’m aware there’s one).

You know how marshland will
invite a long indifferent
gaze? Well, I was staring
for quite some time that day

picturing nothing much,
maybe the plans we made
for Saturday, a drive
to somewhere picturesque,

when something sliced the sky,
a tear in someplace blue
bleeding intensely white.
At once I thought of you.

~Son Rivers 2005
Nothing much else going on except re-reading Richard III. Maybe more on that on a later date.

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