Monday, May 16, 2005

Third Post Today!!!

Well, I’m alone again with thoughts of spring. In-between the trips to Nashua to watch their Pride play the Lancaster Barnstormers, I noticed a familiar sight returned from last May. And so I commissioned Son Rivers, spring flinger extradornaire, to pen a little ditty for this occasion. He calls this chamber/lab pop and says it’s a mix of Beach Boys and Scientific American.
Nuclear Mitochondrial Control

Beneath this bleak depressing rain
there’s something purple escalating
the impetus of spring despite

a lack of vim, excitement, sun.
Lilacs at last are blooming—run
to see this whim of protoplast

amass its cellular construction
in organogenesis—
with vistas of bio-technicolor.

~Son Rivers 2005
I dig that harpsichord and Moog interplay.

Afterword: a Suzanne original visual here.


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"Endoplasmic reticulum" is a good phrase to use, too.