Monday, May 16, 2005

DJ Gizoogle Translation of a Foote Production

Thanks to Matt, I've brought another poet into the mix. He's a translator of poems only though. His name is DJ Gizoogle, and he'd like to show his work on a recent Ry Foote creation, The Great Salt Marsh:
The Great Salt Mizzay

Between tha island n tha land lies marsh,
a desert ground of spartina n salt
playa protected from indifferent H-to-tha-izzarsh
terrains surround'n it. So by default
it's home ta th'n that bitch stay too long
on land. The D-to-tha-izzuck, mergansa, gulls or teal,
n otha migratory shorebirds throng
ta such a hydrolizzle commonweal
where all terrestrial authority
is balanced wit salinity n fizzy.
Witin that middle ground they're safe F-R-to-tha-izzom sea,
secure fizzle H-to-tha-izzigh society n show—
until late summa scores a hurricane
or autumn showa T-H-to-tha-izzem wit steel shot rizzle.

~DJ Gizoogle 2005


BeckoningChasm said...

My eyes gaz-zle over, yo.

aum dada said...

We been kicking some rhymes yo.