Thursday, June 23, 2005

With Renewed Esteem

I wish Eileen had an RSS feed. Too often I forget to tune in because I'm reading things on Bloglines. Glad I didn't miss her post today about "one's book, personally inscribed to someone with whom you thought you'd had a, uh, somewhat personal relationship, relegated to the used-book rack." I don't have that concern (yet). But, if I did, I'd side with me too.


EILEEN said...

I'm lucky I can turn on a computer....I don't even know what an RSS Feed is...but glad you tuned in!
eileen the luddite

aum dada said...


I don't believe a word of it. But, just in case you're not being just modest, go to Settings on your blogger dashboard thingie, and change site feed to yes. I think that will do it.

~Greg the Techno-thingie-expert-kindof-ifyouwill

EILEEN said...

Hmm, the Site Feed option didn't turn up in my settings. Maybe it's not part of my old blog's option's (?)

aum dada said...

Oh well, I'll just have to get off bloglines. It's well worth it in this case anyways.