Friday, July 29, 2005

Good Manifesting Goin' On

Rivers and daemons and flippers, oh MY!

(see 7/28/05; damn his lack of permalinks or my inability to find them!)


Mark Lamoureux said...

Thanks Greg, I wish I could figure out the permalinks thing myself!

aum dada said...

First, I reaslly should have expressed what I liked about your manifesto. Of course the "poetic" quality of it is a nice serendipitous quality. And the river at the beginning of course got my immediate attention. But your reference to demon, my daemon, I think, is most interesting. I've been reading some of Spicer's lectures on-line. I think he'd second that ghost. Angel. Whatever.

Second, I tried posting some of the code you need for the permalink, but the damn comment wouldnt take it!