Saturday, July 30, 2005

Reliving OBX: Vacation Poem V

Day 5

Searching for Repose (vacation as therapy)

After riptide swimming atypical chilly sea;
after shattered Coronas in a village grocery;
after grilling fine steaks while wrestling off gulls…

Up on a roof deck, above the cottages
of Kinnakeet, I scan the sundown sky
for a projected full moon. The clouds are gestures
of smoldering gray, the heavens a glacial blue sigh.

But everything’s still brushed with that muddled whisk
of restlessness! So I scan the dusk for something
round, an arc, a semi-circle, disc

or curve of flawlessness, an isolate eye,
half-closed or almost open, an exception
to the rule of workaday time and space.
Out of the air, it comes, like a long-forgotten face.

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