Tuesday, December 13, 2005

And in the End

The Talking Someone Through a Bad Trip Blues

Like Richard Pryor rapping
that some white dude laid
some acid on him once
(he thought that he was crazy
jack before he took the shit,
but then it saned him up!),
we thought that Richard Nixon
was the worst that paranoia
possibly could ever get.
But now we live each day
like some disaster movie.
Either methane from the melting
permafrost and warming ocean
waters will exterminate
our species or we’ll need to be
the target of some preppy’s
crass discriminating joke:
like his perfidious agreement
for non-binding consultations
on some measures nations may
attempt to take on speculative
threats alleged to instigate
a catastrophic climate change.
But still, it’s necessary
to remember as the trip
is going bad that Mystery
is always new and always
young and always in
the now, beginning.

~Son Rivers 2005

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