Monday, December 12, 2005

The grapez of Wrath Begins

December Target Practice

One degree or two
in temperature is not
alarming anyone these days.
But droughts or, Proteus forbid,
a rise in ocean levels brings
a sea change in concern.

Depth doesn’t move the current
august power though,
and so the world will wait
for two thousand and eight
for post-Kyoto global
warming contraception.

Tax cuts for the petro-
chemical industrial
environment is more
imperative. Iraq must rise
as New Orleans and earth
itself descends beneath

the rising tide of new
bipartisan pragmatic
problem-solving disciplined
approaches to the streamlining
of government and fighting for
protection of our gun rights.

~Son Rivers 2005

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Heh, this reminds me tangentially of a little squib I once wrote after reading a headline on Reuters:

"European Scientists Believe in Life on Mars"

Earth is for the damned—or soon to be,
top scientists agree:

the glacier melt from man-made heat
will raise the churning sea;
major cities and beach resorts
will vanish; their people, flee;
and overburdened lands will tax
each inland refugee
with learning how to live amidst
a growing poverty,
such growing poverty

Yes, scientists agree:
it's time we left for cooler climes
which need our industry.


Maybe I should have linked to examples of this poverty, this refugee-inducing warming (although, I wrote it before Katrina), and the industry behind these things (if industry is really behind these things...)