Saturday, January 07, 2006

Demystifying Science

Today's Footnotes First:

collider: BBC News:
Energising the quest for 'big theory'; "The $2.3bn Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at Cern (The European Centre for Nuclear Research), which is paid for by contributions from Cern's European member countries (including the UK), should reinvigorate physics' biggest endeavour: a grand theory to describe all physical phenomena in nature." (link via 3quarksdaily)

demystify; Amardeep Singh:
More on Anthropomorphism and Poetry; "Poetry -- most poetry -- keeps its subject under a certain amount of intentional ambiguity, while the aim of scientific experiment (cutting open the jumping bean) must always be to demystify."

The Solitary Theory

Let’s not fool a fool
he said to no one
in particular.
Let’s build a bigger
particle collider.
We’ll spend a billion—

make it two.
We’ll run it seventeen
somewhat circular miles
and more than thirty stories
level underground.
Only the darkest energy will find it.

We’ll call the real detectives—
Alice, Atlas,
and the Compact Muon Solenoid.
They’ll catch us charm quarks,
the strangest quarks,
that virtuoso tau—

and making its first appearance
since the Biggest Bang
went downtown to the OK recreation,
the one and only Godly particle.
Demystify the standard model;
reorganize the universe;

discover untold permutations,
a better short cut to the other side—
where waiting for us
just another mystery
will be.

~Son Rivers 2006

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