Thursday, January 05, 2006

King Kong without Wings

Empires of Experience

We live in the days of systematic giants
when all is actual and nothing looks
like something in reality
mysterious or terrible.

The universe is genuine
potential and the earth is waiting
for its jump start. There they go,
the innovative engineers

of happening, like angels who
have traded in their blood-stained wings
for microprocessors to row
across the stream of consciousness

to shores of faultless natural
delight, without a trace of some
uncertain death-defying face,
where all can run their perfect race.

~Son Rivers 2005

Today's Bunch of Footnotes

Fictional King Kong mirrors odd island facts; "While the vast majority of extinctions since that time have occurred on islands, over the past 20 years continental extinctions have become as common. (p) Scientists say this is partly because continental habitats are being diced up by human activities -- a process that is creating what some biologists term "virtual islands."" (link via Chris C. Mooney's The Intersection)

wings; we make money not art:
Another robot-roach; ""They are not very nice insects," Raphael Holzer confesses. "They are a little bit smelly, and there's something about the way they move their antennae. But they look nicer when you put a little circuit on their backs and remove their wings."" (link via Heraclitean Fire)

perfect; Actual Freedom:
Affective Experiences vs. Pure Experiences; "When I feel happy – that’s good, when I am excellent – that’s excellent, I enjoy it a much as possible. When an issue, a feeling or an emotion surfaces, then I investigate them in order to get back to being happy as quickly as possible. Should any affective experience arise on the path, then I know that I have something to look at, something to investigate." (link via Fresh Bilge)

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