Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Spiritual Refugees

Ignoring the Food Poisoning

The wind is coughing up vicinities of
stomach-turning storms. Would you prefer balsamic
with your leafy greens? Religious preconceptions
do not guarantee a virgin birth. Forgive
me, I forgot to lightly glaze your mussels
with a caramel proficiency. I know
the marketing department is exerting every
allocation to the utmost maximum
environmental leverage to promote the coming
day of reckoning with a demographically
correct exposure for your product in the hopes
of selling globally linguine to the very end.

~Son Rivers 2006

Today's Footnotes:

storms; Joy Harjo's Web Log:
We Are In the Spirit World; "Many of us walk through the days heavy with grief. The drug companies who have incorporated not for healing but for money tell us they can make us happy. Just take a pill or two every day and we will be happy. Or we have a drink or a sniff or a smoke of something to forget. We have forgotten that this is the spirit world, that everything we think and do matters."

demographically; Orion Magazine:
Conservation Refugees; ""Men in uniform just appeared one day, out of nowhere, showing their guns," Kohn Noi recalls, "and telling us that we were now living in a national park. That was the first we knew of it. Our own guns were confiscated . . . no more hunting, no more trapping, no more snaring, and no more "slash and burn." That's what they call our agriculture. We call it crop rotation and we've been doing it in this valley for over two hundred years. Soon we will be forced to sell rice to pay for greens and legumes we are no longer allowed to grow here. Hunting we can live without, as we raise chickens, pigs, and buffalo. But rotational farming is our way of life."" (via Gristmill)

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