Friday, February 03, 2006

The Daily Poetry Show: The Heart's Blood Wine

The Comfort of Strangers by Jeffrey Levine
Good story. Poor production. Where’s the comma after line two? God I had to read that five times before I got it. Poem alternates between weak construction and strong. And always beware a poem written in the second person. Trying to make me a co-conspirator! In a confederacy of “the heart’s unadorned walls.” Heart of hearts: four times in ten lines! Take heart. And in the end, this poem is more about the rhetoric of sympathy rather than hard compassion itself. Two snaps.

Two Poems by Sarah Arvio
I’ll choose one. Acrolith. Great fun with words. “All this searching for a surge of surprise,” and mostly it finds it. Of course more classicism. But this feels more like a travelogue with accompanying introspective smartness rather than a stance to gather the reader’s reverence. Too rich at times but still something to enjoy. Although maybe just one poem at a given time. Three snaps.

from Live from the Woodley Park Marriott, Washington, DC by Ryan Flaherty
A saving grace. “We are blood, not atmosphere. / Perhaps I should have said this / earlier: it means nothing”. You should have and it doesn’t. But I’ve said enough about this. If I had three-quarters to give, I would. But two and a half will have to do.

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Jim said...

Acrolith was a fun read. This is a great idea, Gregg. Thanks for doing this, it's one more fun thing to wake up to.