Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Google Sonnet Two


Navajo legend tells us that the Dineh had to pass through
     three different worlds.
The traditional Navajo way contains no concept for religion
     as a sphere of activity.
The sand painting has been used for centuries in Navajo
     religious rituals.
At first, I wondered why the Navajo youth didn't learn
     their language.
This was the question that First Navajo Man and First
     Navajo Woman had to answer.
The Navajo tribe has been fighting against uranium mining
     for a long time.
A fine-quality Navajo rug includes both a tight weave and
     an intricate design.
Navajo shepherds and a veterinary scientist teamed up to
     help a rare breed of desert sheep.

Because the canyon is still home to Navajo families, its
     floor can only be visited.
As an abstract artist, my inspirations come mostly from
     the Navajo female.
The unique creations of Spotted Antelope Designs are
     handmade by Navajo.
Navajo philosophy, spirituality, and sheep are intertwined
     like wool in the strongest weaving.
It was not hard for me because of all my childhood
     teaching on Navajo culture.
Running Foot spoke only in his melodic Navajo tongue.

~Dig Chase 2006

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