Saturday, March 11, 2006

Google (blog search) Sonnet 11: Sage + Yucca

Sage Brush, Yucca, And Prickly Pear
Are All Examples Of Xerophytes

The mountain wildflowers were covered in mist,
     the Mexican heather, and mountain sage smelling
     so fresh and the Yucca tall and arrogant over
     the trodden grass.
Predominant hues are various golds, russets,
     and browns, along with the greens of yucca,
     joshua, juniper, and sage.
I have Bulbine and Red Yucca, Red Cannas, Red
     and Purple Daylillies, Gold and Purple Lantana
     (which is the name of my car, by the way),
     Jerusalem Sage.
We've traded Nebraska's cottonwoods, Russian
     olives, and bluebells for Colorado's yucca
     and purple sage,
a two-lane paved road that slices dead-straight
     through the sage and yucca.
Then the truck raced off again over clumps
     of sage brush, old wagon trails, and yucca plants.
I have been seeing yucca for about the last
     70 miles or so, but now I saw my first prickly
     pear cactus and lots of sage brush of a blueish
     color growing in the sandy soil.
The smell of the sage enveloped us as we made
     the sidewalk and I did, for a second, looking
     up at the yucca blooms, forget where I was.

I can plant sweetgrass in the back yard and
     the side yards and poppies, dandelions, clover
     in the front yards, and sage in the very front
     with the yucca,
maybe focus on plants I can find on our property,
     something very wild and western, maybe some
     yucca and sage.
It struck me, because after our remodeled house
     was stuccoed, I painted many squares of sage green
     + barberry leaf green + yucca green on the front
     and side walls.
The spiked yucca, mid-left, is Banana Yucca
     (Yucca baccata) and behind that is what is
     commonly called Great Basin Sage.
The plant life is quite varied, depending upon
     the exposure, and runs from cactus to yucca, to sage.
Singing-man malaises of buckthorn in the
     shoulder-shrugging, and of sage-brush in the south,
     cover the hyper-calvinistic lands, while in
     the soft-carpeted desert sought, prickly strenui,
     yucca, and arch-usurper grow with the rhynierson.

~Dig Chase 2006

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