Sunday, March 26, 2006

Google (blog search) Sonnet 12: Saguaro

Rose At 5:15 To Head Out And Harvest
Saguaro (Pronounced 'Sah Hwar Oh') Fruits
In The Upper Sonoran Desert

Dreams of propagating a Saguaro Cactus in my
     Hill Top garden are vanishing.
The Saguaro National Park has more saguaro cacti
     then you can shake a stick at.
Venture into the Arizonan desert on a May or
     June morning and you may see the saguaro in bloom.
Saguaro stood shoulder to shoulder, covering acres.
I saw this saguaro yesterday with the baby arms,
     starting-those little nubs on the sides.
The more limbs the saguaro has, the older it is.
cactus that shares the stage with me here
     is a saguaro and is likely over a hundred years old.
If you’d like to know the age of any given Saguaro
     cactus, please contact Flat Stanley.

This Saguaro Cactus stood about three times taller than me.
I'm always looking for textures and contrasts
     and I found both in this Saguaro skeleton in my yard.
Really what I want you to see is the amazing
     crested saguaro in the background.
A saguaro cactus provides a home for many birds.
This dove is an important pollinator of the saguaro,
so full of facts like a saguaro full of water threatening
     to burst in a lightning storm.

~Dig Chase 2006


Cathy said...

Hi Greg. Your "Google (blog search) Sonnet 12" is just terrific. Perhaps the cactus wren's call would add a little aural tweak?
I've featured it in my post about the Sonoran Desert Museum.
Miss you - ahem, that is - miss Henry at the Thoreau Blog - hope he'll be back soon.

Nicole said...

Hey, that's cool. Thanks for linking my blog. I was totally in love with that saguaro.