Friday, March 03, 2006

Google Sonnet 5: Coyote

You Can Install The Demo Version Of Coyote

the coyote is not native to ohio
coyote helped her through a wrenching divorce
holy coyote is four musicians
coyote's name derives from the aztec
we have gotten a little slower start to coyote
     season this year
it is also quite common in some areas to see calves
     bobtailed by coyote
to stumble upon the well-hidden lair of the elusive
     coyote is not by accident
blue coyote laughing

coyote is probably best remembered as the government scientist
imitate coyote cries and those of the other animals
senator wile e. coyote a terribly troubling letter
if coyote pups are born on april 15, and they start
     hunting 10 weeks later
the highly adaptable coyote is flourishing in populated areas
these coyote stories were set down by mourning dove

~Dig Chase 2006

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