Friday, April 07, 2006

Southwest 10: Four Corner Method

Just the usual suspects, the Lieutenant had told him. “There's only four tracks for you to investigate. But then again, we always look in four directions. It's the way of the Mystical Police. By the book. Our most wanted medicine wheel of sorts,” Lieutenant Heraclitus had said, coming closest to anything like a smile Calvin Crackstone had seen on the Lieutenant. “But you'll have to fill in the particulars, like their names, for example.” At first, it seemed to Crackstone to be an odd assignment. It wasn't that he was opposed to hunting down the usual suspects. But the fact that he had to create the usual suspects seemed a bit unusual. But it was as it was, as it is what it is. So Calvin Crackstone did. In the South, he'd look for Sedona, an innocent-looking redhead with a magnetic personality. In the west, he'd trail Grand Canyon, a deep thinker, forever changeable in moods. In the north, he'd pursue Monument Valley, a strong and silent type who many years ago had married the girl next door, Mystery Valley, as mysterious as her name would suggest.. And finally, in the east, he'd shadow Canyon de Chelly, a kind of visionary character who kept to his own. Just the usual suspects.

~Son Rivers 2006

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