Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Southwest 11: The World of Sedona

Another World

The first time we saw
the red rocks of Sedona,

Skye turned to me
and cried, “Oh, Son,

it's like another world!”
And so it was.

And as surprising
as a sunrise

rising from the earth,
that paradise of blood

earth rose
in forms of innocent

creation telling
stories of its genesis

with whirlwind-sculpted
characters in passion

play. “And it's alive,”
I answered Skye.

Driving north
on Arizona Highway

beneath that slickrock

scenario, we reached

the city of Sedona,
spread below its drama

like an audience
without the wherewithal

to leave the theater after
the final act has played

before their starstruck eyes.
Instead, they remain to watch

the next show and the next,
until they become a rival

show, a fallen body,
and, in fact, another world.

~Son Rivers 2006

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

There are some sights that stay in your memory forever - and that was one of them. BTW - very nice poem.