Sunday, April 16, 2006

Southwest 16: (Google Sonnet 16: Enchantment)

Enchantment Pet Resort and Spa Indeed.

In an age of increased interest in mystical,
     mythical, mysterious, questions, wonder, enchantment,
     black holes, and anti-metanarrative,
I need Fireflies around me to have this kind of enchantment.
In the land of enchantment, tamales, enchiladas, posole
     and beans all smothered with the spicy goodness of chile,
blue was inspired by the enchantment of twilight.
I ordered a large cut of Enchantment for Fairy Moon and
     a large cut of Oceantide for Mermaids of the Deep Blue
as I come out of my coma. My curiosity and wonder are coming
     to the tea party bearing the gifts of enchantment and zeal.
Personally, I think if you do lose your sense of enchantment
     with the world, it's not the fault of science really;
the cogs and gears of enchantment are not built with
     tolerance for failure.

I departed with few of the fools to get the drink of enchantment.
The magical enchantment this snake possessed was convincing.
How dare you market a perfume with my signature Enchantment
     name at Wal-Mart!
Our culture often takes pride in disproving and exploding
     the sources of enchantment.
We are planning to launch the first billboards here
     in the Land of Enchantment:
The Enchantment Is In the Marrow.

~Dig Chase 2006

see series to date at chapblog Southwest Wheels

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