Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Southwest 27: Unintelligible

Not talkative at all, that Grand Canyon, and stubborn like a mule. I was guessing he was the strong and silent type when he interrupted my inner dialogue with a question. “So tell me kid, why have you always wanted to see me?” I looked at him sideways, keeping the river vertical in my vision. “I’ve only wanted to see you since six months or so ago. To talk to you about a recent death.” He turned the tables and looked deep inside of me, “Not the whole truth, kid. You’ve wanted to see me for almost all your life.” And damned if he wasn’t right. And damned if I really knew why. Something about the view, true, but something deeper than that too. “You seem to know a lot about it, Professor,” I laughed, “so you tell me.” He answered in his native Precambrian tongue. “Exactly!” I cried.

~Chandler Chiller 2006

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