Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Way Out There

I’ve been in the process of transformation the past seven months. Or rather I’ve been in a critical junction of a transformation that has in some ways been lifelong. But after being dismissed, laid off, let go, or whatever euphemism one wants to use for that particular little death, I’ve been searching for some truth. When finding it, I’ve been adding it to a blog, The Secret Book of Son Rivers. Along with a few poems I’ve written in response.

Now, I’m not a New Ager. I am very much a skeptic. I’m close to being downright cynical at times. Despite the fact that my great-grandfather was a clairvoyant healer. Or maybe because of it. Not that I do not doubt his sincerity or his abilities. But charlatans rule the land these days. Marketing is king.

But I do believe in a larger reality than the one my limited senses informs me about. And I’ve experienced it in the past months. And I’ve been educated in it in the past months. And recently I’ve come across a book that in the past I would have readily dismissed. But I’ve learned to trust in the mystery of coincidence lately as well as recognize the same.

And while reading the first chapter of The Four Agreements by don Miguel Ruiz, I recognized a truth that I solemnly believe my inner being knew at some instinctive level. Maybe you think I’m being “way out.” Laugh if you like. Seven months ago, I would have too.

But accordingly, I’ve begun to document things in the Secret Book. I'll be adding to it in the next several days. Take a look if you like. I think it’s the Way out.


Anonymous said...

I want a Way in.

aum dada said...

ah, grasshopper, the way out is the way in