Saturday, May 27, 2006

Southwest 34: In Mystery Valley

Anasazi Framing

Wedged within a sandstone ledge,
an Anasazi ruin waits
for no one. But our guide, despite
her Navajo aversion to
such places of abandonment,
allows her visitors to scramble
towards its walls, and even enter
in. “Why do you wait,” she says
to my own hesitation. So
I climb the slope and reach the single
unit no appliances or running
water built by hands that now

adorn the nearby cavern walls
with handy messages of raw
existence some one-thousand years
before a single European
had begun interpreting
these lives with data mined by hands
concerned with somewhat scientific
theories of where those hands
exactly went and why. I enter
through the open door and sit
upon the sandy floor and look
right through that sudden opening.

~Son Rivers 2006

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